Who I Love,,,!

Who I love is mine but in a way not mine
,Because he hurt me in so many ways
I can not describe ...Still... my love 
.goes on but the pain that is in my heart never dies
These feelings I wish I could hide but they show when 
,you look in my eyes. The tears that I have she
you probably don't even care for 
because they mean nothing to you
!!well, not anymore

? What happened, where did we go wrong
How did our love slowly drift apart when
it was so strong? We were good friends, we were
!close but what came between us- I still don't know
.Was it something I did? I'll never know
!!All I wish is that it could be like, it was before

                         Dedicated to

                  a special person that I once loved..

.......by: anjna 

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